Jennifer Sambito has a multi-faceted resume with a career that began as a practicing California attorney and grew to include the titles of licensed California Real Estate Broker, Law Professor, Wife, and the most important title of all: “Mom”. She now happily adds “Author” to that list from her desire to provide positive influences to not only her own children, but to all.

She began her quest to make a difference with the idea of creating a cooking blog to demonstrate for her children the blessing of having food on the table along with teaching them the awareness of that gift. Striving to achieve the balance of awareness and gratefulness, Jennifer and her children would donate daily to jars placed on their countertop reflecting 10% of the cost of making a particular recipe. Then, at the month's end, she and her family donated every penny in that jar to deserving charities whose focus was aimed at the hunger and needs of children, families, and homeless individuals. From this project, Jennifer's children became not only aware of their blessings, they now cannot pass a donation box or a needy person on the street without wanting to give something. In her daughter's words: “Mommy, it feels so good to give.” Her cooking blog is entitled

Jennifer's creation of the characters “Frances and Hoppy” was inspired by her maternal grandparents whom not only shared the same names, but were strongly instrumental in her upbringing. Her Grandmother was an avid reader with a strong focus on vocabulary, and she would send Jennifer vocabulary words each week in the mail to define and use in a sentence. This instilled a love for reading and for learning. Her Grandfather was generous, whimsical, and loved his family immensely. Since they both are no longer with us here on earth, Jennifer chose to bring them to life through this book (and others to come) so that they can still be a part of influencing children in a positive way. She is sure that they are smiling down on this endeavor, and Ribbit'ing all day long up above.

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